Thyme Infused Butter


I Made my first butter from scratch. Infused the cream with black peppercorns and thymes a day before the butter making process and voila! Perfect spread for a herbs lover.


( making process, a very fair amounts of thymes )


Ingredient: The freshest and fattest whipping cream u can get, with at least 38% fats. Fresh thyme one bunch , black pepper and sea salt.


1-Any amount of cream u like. In a pan simmer the cream with the minced thyme and some peppers. Simmer until u can really smell the thyme’s aroma but do NOT boil. Keep the cream mixture overnight or at least 6hours.

2-This is a long process please be patience. Whip the infused cream until the fat separated from cream’s liquid which take bout 15 mins of whipping with an electric mixer. Start with full  speed then slow down when u have chunks of butter fat and a pool of buttermilk.

3-Take the chunks out and pour away the watery buttermilk. Use a cheesecloth to strain the moisture out from the chunked butter fat.

4-Prepare a big bowl of ice water then soak the butter fat in the icy water while washing  the butter. This process is to wash out the buttermilk. Repeat a few times.

5-Finally the butter is ready. Remember to keep the butter closed all the time in the fridge because they absorbs smells easily. Homemade butter last in the fridge for about 12 days.

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